Syringes & Pumps

Eurodyne Syringe Drives can be configured and used as single units or linked via daisy-chaining to multiple units up to a maximum of 15 units. The fluid path is borosilicate glass, Teflon and PCTFE.

Specifications for a single syringe drive are as follows:


H 127mm ± 1.5 W 45.7mm D 114.3mm


1.1 kg

Power requirements:

Supply 24 VDC Current 1.5A (Peak)


3000 steps

Plunger speeds:

1.2 sec - 20 mins/full stroke

Syringe size:

50µL - 5mL

Valve options:

120° 3-port, 3-port distribution, T-valve


Stepper motor with optical encoder


1/4 x 28 and M6

Interface type:

RS 232, RS 485 or CAN BUS

Baud rate:

9600 or 38400


Data terminal & OEM protocol

multichannel syringe pumpMULTI-CHANNEL

Eurodyne's multi-channel syringe pumps automate multi-channel pipetting, diluting and dispensing with an independently operated solenoid valve. The pump can aspirate and dispense the same or different fluid.

They are available in 2,3,4,5,6 or 8 channels. Each channel has an independently operated valve and can accommodate syringes ranging from 500µL to 2.5mL.

The communication characteristics are the same as the single channel syringe pumps.

e pump9-Channel Dispensing System
Pictured above is 9 Channel version of our dispensing station.  It consists of 9 x VP9100 3cm drives and is assembled in a daisy chain configuration.  The casing is a brushed stainless steel housing with dimensions 18cm x 50cm x 18cm (W x H x D) and arranged in a 3 x 3 array. It has an integral 250 watt low profile power supply and is fully CE marked.  It can be supplied with syringe volume 25µL to 5mL and all required tubing and connectors (including colour coding).  The system can be supplied pre-programmed to the EEPROM if required.

As we develop and design new configurations, we will publish them on our website for you to look at. The latest ones we are working on are a 3 x 2 array, 4 x 4 array and a 5 x 2 array.  Please visit us again for a view of our latest configuration.

8 channel syringe pump8-Channel Dispensing System

This is our latest 8 Channel version. This is a 4 x 4 array using the same syringe volumes etc as above.


Eurodyne Syringe Drives offer the designer and user many capabilities and flexibility at a great value.
High resolutions and syringe driving forces give designers and users the ability to work with the largest syringe range possible.
Versitility to choose different valve options means that virtually every application requiring precision fluid metering can be undertaken.

- Up to 48,000 steps
- Syringe sizes from 25uL to 50mL
- Valves: 3,4,5,6 & 8 way distribution and non-distribution
- Stepper motor driven precision ball screw & nut


Dimensions:   H 127mm ± 1.5 W 45.7mm D 114.3mm
Weight:   1.1 kg
Power requirements:  Supply 24 VDC Current 1.5A (Peak)
Resolution:  3000 steps
Plunger speeds:  1.2 sec - 20 mins/full stroke
Syringe size:  50µL - 5mL
Valve options:   120° 3-port, 3-port distribution, T-valve
Drive:  Stepper motor with optical encoder
Fittings:   1/4 x 28 and M6
Interface type: RS 232, RS 485 or CAN BUS
Baudrate:   9600 or 38400
Communications:   Data terminal & OEM protocol


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