Connectors & Flanging

connectors & flangingEurodyne have a wide variety of OEM fittings to work with many configurations and sizes of Teflon tubing. These fittings are precision machined from materials such as PEEK, Stainless Steel, Kel-F and Delrin. Fittings include flangeless tube styles, threaded male barbed, male and female luer, spring loaded and rotating luer type.

Part No.     Description   
201094 Black Flanged Nut 1/16″
201094 White Flanged Nut 1/16″
201926 O-ring 1/16″ Polypropylene
201580 Black Flanged Nut 1/8″
201580 White Flanged Nut 1/8″
201928 O-ring 1/8″ Polypropylene
202118 Black Flanged Nut x-long 1/16″
202118 White Flanged Nut x-long 1/8″

We are a Scivex manufacturer’s representative which includes all Upchurch products. Connect to for a full listing of products available.

flanging kitThe Easy-FlangeTM tool allows you to flange all Teflon tubing with and OD between 1/8″ and 1/16″.

The tool forms the flange without stressing the tubing with heat by applying mechanical force, therefore eliminating the need for electrical power. It is made from inert, metal-free material thus avoiding any contamination by metal ions that may affect the analytical performance in many applications.The Tubing Cutter is ideal for cutting PEEK, Teflon, Tefzel and other polymeric tubing quickly and cleanly. It will not distort the OD or the ID of the tubing and comes with a safety lock that secures the blade when not in use. Suitable for tubing dimensions up to 1/8″.