Liquid Handlers and Robotic Samplers

Eurodyne customise, design and build liquid handling systems to specific OEM requirements ranging from simple mini workstations to fully automated ELISA analysers.
A multitude of accessories can be integrated into the working platform or controlled with special software operating under Windows NT.

Additional modules include barcode scanning, stirrer systems, incubators, shakers and injectors.

General Information

These instruments are designed for small-scale specialist applications.  This is reflected in the price compared to a large robotic system.

The X-Y-Z axis includes a motor that is able to build up the package dispenser system.  Each package includes all the accessories that are needed to start your application. i.e. racks, dispense head, mini pump, tubing and protocol. A Windows based Protocol Editor software is also available as an additional option.

The outer size of the platform is so compact that the user is able to use the system on a desk. This also means that the instrument can be moved around the laboratory with ease.

Positional accuracy (±0.02mm), X-Y resolution (0.015mm), Z resolution (0.005mm).



robotic samplerA ridged, accurate and fast XYZ machine for your laboratory automation applications.

A very INNOVATIVE TOOL CHANGING DEVICE (patent pending) offers a variety of robotic handling possibilities.

Application Areas:

Pipetting ~ Serial Dilution ~ Fraction Collection ~ Filling Microplates


Adjustable eight needle holder ~ Easy and fast filling of microtiterplates ~ Can be used together with syringe multi-channel pump units

Needle distance can be adjusted to the well distance of different microtiterplates ~ Optional liquid detection


Vial and tube capacity: up to 5 racks of choice.
Standard racks: e.e. Scienceware, Gilson etc.
Example: 5 x 60 tubes of 16mm x 100mm.
Custom Racks: Many different models, depending on tube/vial dimensions.

Liquid Handling:

Syringe pump with electrically switched valve or rotary shear valve

Rapp Piston Pump, HPLH type: valveless, ceramic pump

Other types of pumps can easily be integrated.


* Arm Motion Speed: Fully programmable, max speed 250mm/sec

* Needle Tip positioning: Reproducibility: 0.05mm; Accuracy: 0.1mm

* Dimensions working area: X=550mm, Y=300mm, Z=130mm

These dimensions can be adapted for OEM


* PC Control: RS232

* Interface with similar instruments: the unit can be combined with other instruments through an RS232 ID chain (Communication Protocol)

* Interface with other instruments: I/O connector: 8 Inputs (contact closure, TLL level) and 8 outputs (transistor collector outputs)

* Three auxiliary ports (RS232 protocol) for connecting devices with other protocol and other baud-rate such as a balance etc.

* Compliance: CE

* Temperature Range:  5 – 50°C

* Humidity Range:  0 – 95%

*Technical details are subject to change without further notice.